The US Department of Defense says it will fully develop land-based conventional medium-range missiles

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US Defense Secretary Espour said in a statement that since the United States has withdrawn from the treaty, the Ministry of National Defense will begin to comprehensively develop land-based conventional medium-range missiles, saying that this is a “prudent response” to the Russian side.

    The US State Department announced on the 2nd that the United States officially withdrew from the “Guidelines on the Treaty” on the same day and accused the responsibility of the end of the treaty entirely in Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry said on the same day that the withdrawal of the United States from the “Guide to the Central Treaty” is a serious mistake, and said that accusing Russia of breach of contract is the “propaganda offensive” of the United States.

    Ghana Foreign Ministry spokesman Kpoyan said on the 2nd that the real purpose of the United States to withdraw from the “Guidelines on the Guided Treaty” is to loosen itself and seek unilateral military and strategic advantages. If the United States withdraws from the treaty and resumes research and development and deployment, it will seriously affect global strategic balance and stability, increase tension and mistrust, impact existing international nuclear disarmament and multilateral arms control processes, and threaten peace and security in the region.

    Former US Defense Secretary Perry said on social media Twitter on the same day that “the withdrawal of the “Guidelines on the Guide” by the United States today is a major blow to the nuclear arms control system and global security. We are dreaming of a new arms race.”

    After the lapse of the China-Treaty Treaty, the United States and Russia signed the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” in 2010 to limit the number of nuclear warheads held by the two countries to become the only arms control treaty between the two countries. The treaty will expire in 2021.

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