Volkswagen recalled 663,000 headlights in the United States

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According to the US “Automotive News” reported on July 3, due to the defect of the headlights, Volkswagen Group will recall 663, 378 Atlas crossovers and Passat cars in the United States.

  On July 3, Volkswagen spokesperson Mark Gillies said in an interview that there may not be a horizontal adjustment screw cap on the headlights. About 116,172 Volkswagen 2018-19 Atlas and 547,206 2012-20 Passat models will be affected. Its impact. These vehicles are produced by the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant.

  Gillies also said that incorrect adjustment of the headlights may reduce the visibility of drivers and other drivers, thereby increasing the risk of collisions. Therefore, these vehicles need to be recalled in accordance with federal regulations. At present, the public has not received any reports of accidents or injuries related to the recall.

  Volkswagen will inspect the recalled vehicle and install the missing leveling screw cap if necessary. The recall and customer notification work is expected to begin this month.

  On June 6, Volkswagen submitted a safety recall report to the US Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), recognizing that approximately 662,185 Passat and Atlas may be defective.

  In June, Volkswagen’s sales in the US increased by 9.6% year-on-year to 31,725 ​​units. Among them, the Touareg, Tiguan and Atlas crossovers accounted for 53% of Volkswagen’s sales in June, and Volkswagen SUV sales have exceeded car sales for five consecutive months. In contrast, Passat’s sales in the US fell by 79% in June.

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