Russian Defense Ministry: Russian strategic bombers did not infringe on South Korean airspace

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The statement said that the flight data showed that the two aircrafts had complied with international rules and did not deviate from the planned route. They were more than 25 kilometers away from Dokdo (known as Zhudao) in Japan and did not infringe on South Korean airspace.

    The statement said that in the airspace near Dokdo (known as Zhudao) in the eastern part of the Korean peninsula, two South Korean F-16 fighter jets flew near Russian strategic bombers and “taken unprofessional behavior” to cross the Russian bomber route, endangering the safety of Russian bombers. . The Korean pilot did not contact the Russian bomber crew, and the Korean fighter jet flew off the Russian bomber after firing the signal.

    The statement said that the Korean fighters did not fire warnings. If the Russian pilot feels that security is threatened, he will respond immediately.

    The statement said that the Korean side has repeatedly tried to prevent Russian aircraft from carrying out missions over the neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Japan on the grounds of self-determined air defense identification zones. The Russian side does not recognize these air defense identification zones and has repeatedly informed the ROK side of this position through various channels.

    Earlier on the 23rd, the South Korean military claimed that a Russian bomber briefly entered the airspace near Dokdo (known as Zhudao) in the eastern part of the Korean peninsula on the same day. The Korean army took off and responded to the fire.

    The South Korean military said that although Russian fighter planes sometimes entered the Korean air defense identification zone, this is the first time that Russian military fighters have entered “Korean airspace.” The South Korean side said that Zheng Yirong, the head of the National Security Office of the Blue House in the South Korean presidential palace, has already strongly protested the incident to the Russian Federal Security Council Secretary Patrushev.

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