The US Department of Defense says it will fully develop land-based conventional medium-range missiles

US Defense Secretary Espour said in a statement that since the United States has withdrawn from the treaty, the Ministry of National Defense will begin to comprehensively develop land-based conventional medium-range missiles, saying that this is a “prudent response” to the Russian side.     The US State Department announced on the 2nd that the United States […]

South Korea announces that the new quasi-carrier plan will be equipped with 16 F-35B fighters

According to reports, the South Korean Navy’s new amphibious assault ship project is called “LPH-II”, with a displacement of 30,000 tons, almost twice that of the previously built “Dokdo” class amphibious assault ship, and the largest warship of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. The “Izumo” class helicopter frigate is larger. The ship will be able to […]

The taillights hide the hidden Mercedes-Benz recalled 9 imported CLA-class cars

Recently, Mercedes-Benz (China) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the State Administration of Market Supervision in accordance with the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall and the Implementation Measures for the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall Management. From now on, a total of 9 imported CLA-class vehicles will be […]